RSD - A 4201 School

Rochester School for the Deaf (RSD) is one of eleven Section 4201 schools created by legislation to educate New York State’s deaf, blind, and severely physically disabled students. Each school has its own Board of Directors and receives financial support for operations and programming directly from the New York State Department of Education. These eleven schools form the 4201 Schools Association of New York State. The mission of the Association is to enhance the future of New York’s children and advocate for the continuation of specialized services.

Students at RSD and the other 4201 schools receive a rigorous, high-quality, and inclusive education. Educators at 4201 schools are experts in their field. They encourage creativity, enthusiasm, and hard work. 4201 schools are not merely an educational option for children with low-incidence disabilities, they are often the most constructive and appropriate learning setting, enabling students to discover, communicate and interact in the least restrictive environment. Visit the 4201 Schools Association of New York State Web site.
RSD, a leader in creating a vibrant community of lifelong learners – one student, one family, one success at a time.

Rochester School for the Deaf provides exemplary opportunities in a bilingual environment to meet students’ unique learning. Together, as a community, RSD challenges and prepares students for participation in the ever-changing world by:
  • creating an environment that empowers academic achievement, enables communication, and enriches social engagement;
  • using both proven and innovative programming along with current technologies; and,
  • nurturing students in mind, body, and spiritedness culminating in self-awareness, cultural identity and pride.

The faculty, staff, Board, families, alumni, and volunteers of RSD are dedicated and committed to providing:
  • Resources to enable students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing to develop and achieve their highest level of academic and technical skills;
  • Resources for faculty, staff, and students to become fluent communicators in both English and American Sign Language by faculty and staff that are likewise fluent;
  • An environment that is caring, compassionate, and sensitive to the needs of the individual student, in which each will learn to become a participating and contributing member of society; and,
  • Opportunities to involve and utilize RSD's most vital resources - the faculty, staff, families, and volunteers - to serve as a viable resource center for the community-at-large.

4201 Schools Association
of New York State
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Since 1876, RSD has provided an environment for students to learn, develop, and plan for a future filled with possibilities.