RSD School Year 2021-2022 Reopening Plan / COVID-19 Updated Information


September 20, 2021
Hello Parents/Guardians,
Hard to believe we are now one and half weeks into the 2021-2022 school year! Thank you to our staff and faculty for a smooth re-opening of the school year.  I know our students are very excited to return to five days of in-person instruction. I would like to update you on a few things…..
As RSD is entering its 145th year, we had a successful orientation day on Tuesday, September 7, and a smashing success of a day for our students on Wednesday, September 8! I am pleased to share that we have 17 new staff members on campus along with 140 students. We are expecting a few more new students to be added within the next few weeks. 
We decided the theme for this school year is “Re-connect”, now is the time for our school community to reconnect and move forward with having us work with your children. We as a school feel moving forward from an unprecedented situation requires everyone to reconnect with themselves, peers, adults in the school, and to their learning. Through this process, we all will rebound and come out stronger!
I was pleased to see many students and staff/faculty showing their spirit during spirit week this past week. Thank you to our athletic department for hosting a wonderful pep rally to get our spirit high and getting our soccer and volleyball teams ready for our homecoming games against Delaware School for the Deaf! Clearly, this demonstrates COVID-19 cannot deter our spirit!  Congratulations to both the soccer and volleyball teams for defeating Delaware during your matches.
We will reconnect with our strategic plan which includes a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, academic rigor, family and community partnership, and student experience. More information on this will be posted on our website. 
Lastly, I would like to provide a gentle reminder that if your child is sick or experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, they should remain at home.  They will need a negative test result or a doctor’s note stating an alternate diagnosis to return to school.  More information regarding our reopening plan and flow charts from Monroe County Public Health can be found on our website.  The flow charts explain what to do if you or your child have symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19.
Thank you for trusting us to have your children attend RSD this year!
Antony A.L. McLetchie

September 2, 2021


2021-2022 School Year

Reopening Plan

Rochester School for the Deaf is looking forward to welcoming your children back to school on September 8, 2021 for in-person instruction five days per week. Again, the health and safety of our students, parents/guardians, staff, faculty and community is still our top priority at RSD. We will remain aligned with the latest guideline by the New York State Department of Education (August 12, 2021) and Centers for Disease Controls (CDC) (dated August 5, 2021) related to COVID-19. 

This document provides guidance on different areas while we move forward with opening the 2021-2022 school year. We look forward to seeing your children here next week! Please check the following link for updates: 

This link will continue to update as we move forward and procedures and guidance evolves through the school year. 

Face Mask 

RSD will start the year with students and faculty/staff, regardless of vaccination status, wearing masks inside all buildings on campus. Masks will not be required outside and teachers will be encouraged to hold classes outside whenever possible. Students will be given mask breaks throughout the day. Students who need a clean mask during the school day may stop in the main office to get one.

RSD made this based on the strong recommendation from Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The American Academy of Pediatrics, New York State Department of Health, New York State Education Department, and Monroe County Department of Public Health Department (MCDPH).

In addition to this, Governor Kathy Hochul ordered all students, staff and visitors inside school buildings to wear masks, a mandate that will not just apply to public school districts but also to private, charter, and religious schools throughout New York.

Face-coverings are not required when employees are alone in a classroom, other building rooms, office, and in a school vehicle. If another person enters the location, a mask must be worn.


Physical Distancing

Distancing requirements will be changed to three feet.

Health Screening 

Students and staff no longer have to complete morning screenings, but we ask that parents continue to screen their children at home and staff to self-assess prior to entering school. We are asking you screen at home for any of the following: 

  • Temperature of >100℉
  • Fever, chills
  • shortness of breath
  • Sore throat
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Cough
  • Nasal congestion
  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Muscles or body aches

If a student exhibits any of the above, they will not go to school and the parent/guardian will be required to contact their health care provider and follow the process indicated in the MCPHD flow charts. The charts are available through the links provided above this document.

If a student develops any of the symptoms above at school, they will be directed to the school nurse and placed in isolation until the parent can pick them up from school. 

The same process is in place for staff members. If a staff member exhibits any of the above, they will not go to school and will be required to contact their health care provider and follow the process indicated in the MCDPH flow charts. These charts are provided in the links above this document.


RSD will utilize the cafeteria for high school program only at this time and we will ensure at least 3 foot distancing of students during lunch. When students finish eating or get up from the table, they will need to wear a mask. The rest of the school will eat in their classroom.

Cleaning and Disinfection

RSD will continue with appropriate cleaning and disinfection practices.

​​Hygiene Practices

A strong focus on hand hygiene will continue. RSD will provide adequate handwashing/hand sanitizing supplies.



Limited during the 2021-2022 school year and at the discretion of building administrators. No visitors during lunch. Visitors must wear a mask prior to entering the building.


After School Program/Athletics


  • Indoor activities require face covering.
    • Face coverings are required for all individuals in the building including players, coaches, referees, and spectators if allowed.
    • Face coverings are required at all times including practices and games.
  • Outdoor activities encourage the use of face coverings.
    • Social distancing must be in effect if facial coverings are not being utilized.



  • Face coverings are required at all times in school vehicles and buses.


Locker rooms and equipment

  • Minimal use of locker room and equipment
  • Maintain at least 3 feet at all times, masked and bring belongings and equipment home daily to clean
  • Athletes should bring their own individual water bottles to practices/games.
  • Athletes are strongly discouraged from sharing equipment
  • Staff must supervise locker room use.



  • No spectators indoors in September, monitored month by month
  • Outdoor spectators are required to wear face covering regardless of vaccination status in September, monitored month by month
  • Families and households are allowed to sit together and not required to be socially distant.

Attendance/Contact Tracing

  • Accurate attendance records continue to remain important for contact tracing purposes. Coaches should be sure to take attendance each day and have access to it if we are asked by the Monroe County Department of Public Health. 




August 25, 2021




Hello RSD Community: Parents/Guardians, Faculty and Staff and Students,

It is hard to believe the 2021-2022 school year is right around the corner. As a reminder, the first day of school for students is on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. I would like to take this opportunity to update you on this fall’s plan.

We will provide in-person instruction five days a week to all K-12 students.  The instruction days for the ECC program will vary based on the child’s age. The health, wellness, and safety of our students, staff and families is our priority and we take this seriously. Mask wearing and vaccination are the two best ways to stay safe and beat this virus. Currently, anyone over 12 and up can be vaccinated and we encourage you to please check your local health agency and local full-service pharmacy for more information or to make an appointment to get vaccinated.

Our school reopening plan will be posted early next week, as we are waiting for some additional directives from our new governor, Gov. Hochul this week. 

As of right now, some key points of our plan for you to know are:

  1. Masks will be mandatory in all buildings on RSD campus for all students, staff, and essential visitors regardless of vaccination status. Masks will be optional outside for recess or PE class. We will provide mask breaks during the school day. 
  2. We will resume fall sports and the after school program following CDC, Monroe Public Health Department, and New York State Public High School Athletic Association guidelines.
  3. We will continue to follow the guidance from the CDC of maintaining at least 3 feet of social distancing. 
  4. We will continue to monitor the air quality in all buildings. 
  5. We will continue with daily cleaning and disinfecting protocols.
  6. We will no longer require the daily screening forms but expect parents and staff to monitor their children and themselves for symptoms of infectious illness everyday through home-based symptom screening.  If someone is exhibiting symptoms they should NOT come to school.  If someone exhibiting symptoms does come to school, they will be sent home.
  7. We will continue to work with Monroe County Public Health regarding any possible outbreak on campus.

I am very pleased to share that our extended school year was a huge success with 5 days in-person instruction. Your effort to make sure our students wear masks and having your child vaccinated makes a difference! 

Thank you for your continued patience while we wait for more information from the state and local level regarding some specific plans, but I believe the key information above will remain the same moving forward. We all, as a school community, are ready to start the new school year at the same time prepared to adjust and be flexible as well. 



Hola, comunidad de RSD: padres / tutores, profesores, personal y estudiantes,

Es difícil creer que el año escolar 2021-2022 está a la vuelta de la esquina. Como recordatorio, el primer día de clases para los estudiantes es el miércoles 8 de septiembre de 2021. Me gustaría aprovechar esta oportunidad para actualizarlos sobre el plan de este otoño.

Proporcionaremos instrucción en persona cinco días a la semana a todos los estudiantes de K-12. Los días de instrucción para el programa ECC variarán según la edad del niño. La salud, el bienestar y la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes, personal y familias es nuestra prioridad y nos lo tomamos en serio. El uso de mascarillas y la vacunación son las dos mejores formas de mantenerse a salvo y vencer a este virus. Actualmente, cualquier persona mayor de 12 años en adelante puede vacunarse y le recomendamos que consulte con la agencia de salud local y la farmacia de servicio completo local para obtener más información o para hacer una cita para vacunarse.

Nuestro plan de reapertura de la escuela se publicará a principios de la próxima semana, ya que estamos esperando algunas directivas adicionales de nuestro nuevo gobernador, el gobernador Hochul esta semana.

A partir de ahora, algunos puntos clave de nuestro plan que debe conocer son:

  1. Las máscaras serán obligatorias en todos los edificios del campus de RSD para todos los estudiantes, el personal y los visitantes esenciales, independientemente del estado de vacunación. Las máscaras serán opcionales afuera para el recreo o la clase de educación física. Proporcionaremos descansos para las mascarillas durante el día escolar.
  2. Reanudaremos los deportes de otoño y el programa después de la escuela siguiendo las pautas de los CDC, el Departamento de Salud Pública de Monroe y la Asociación Atlética de Escuelas Secundarias Públicas del Estado de Nueva York.
  3. Continuaremos siguiendo la guía de los CDC de mantener al menos 3 pies de distancia social.
  4. Continuaremos monitoreando la calidad del aire en todos los edificios.
  5. Continuaremos con los protocolos diarios de limpieza y desinfección.
  6. Ya no necesitaremos los formularios de detección diaria, pero esperamos que los padres y el personal controlen a sus hijos y a ellos mismos todos los días para detectar síntomas de enfermedades infecciosas a través de la detección de síntomas en el hogar. Si alguien presenta síntomas, NO debe venir a la escuela. Si alguien que presenta síntomas llega a la escuela, será enviado a casa.
  7. Continuaremos trabajando con Salud Pública del Condado de Monroe con respecto a cualquier posible brote en el campus.

Estoy muy contento de compartir que nuestro año escolar extendido fue un gran éxito con 5 días de instrucción en persona. ¡Su esfuerzo para asegurarse de que nuestros estudiantes usen máscaras y vacunar a su hijo hace la diferencia!

Gracias por su paciencia continua mientras esperamos más información a nivel estatal y local con respecto a algunos planes específicos, pero creo que la información clave anterior seguirá siendo la misma en el futuro. Todos, como comunidad escolar, estamos listos para comenzar el nuevo año escolar al mismo tiempo preparados para adaptarnos y ser flexibles.


Antony McLetchie



Bonjour la communauté RSD : parents/tuteurs, professeurs, personnel et étudiants,

Il est difficile de croire que l'année scolaire 2021-2022 approche à grands pas. Pour rappel, le premier jour d'école pour les élèves est le mercredi 8 septembre 2021. J'aimerais profiter de cette occasion pour vous mettre à jour sur le plan de cet automne.

Nous fournirons un enseignement en personne cinq jours par semaine à tous les élèves de la maternelle à la 12e année. Les jours d'instruction pour le programme ECC varieront en fonction de l'âge de l'enfant. La santé, le bien-être et la sécurité de nos élèves, de notre personnel et de nos familles sont notre priorité et nous prenons cela au sérieux. Le port du masque et la vaccination sont les deux meilleurs moyens de rester en sécurité et de vaincre ce virus. Actuellement, toute personne âgée de plus de 12 ans peut être vaccinée et nous vous encourageons à consulter votre agence de santé locale et votre pharmacie locale à service complet pour plus d'informations ou pour prendre rendez-vous pour vous faire vacciner.

Notre plan de réouverture de l'école sera publié au début de la semaine prochaine, car nous attendons des directives supplémentaires de notre nouveau gouverneur, le gouverneur Hochul cette semaine.

Pour le moment, voici quelques points clés de notre plan que vous devez connaître :

  1. Les masques seront obligatoires dans tous les bâtiments du campus RSD pour tous les étudiants, le personnel et les visiteurs essentiels, quel que soit leur statut vaccinal. Les masques seront facultatifs à l'extérieur pour la récréation ou le cours d'éducation physique. Nous assurerons des pauses masques pendant la journée scolaire.
  2. Nous reprendrons les sports d'automne et le programme parascolaire conformément aux directives du CDC, du département de santé publique de Monroe et de la New York State Public High School Athletic Association.
  3. Nous continuerons de suivre les directives du CDC de maintenir au moins 3 pieds de distance sociale.
  4. Nous continuerons de surveiller la qualité de l'air dans tous les bâtiments.
  5. Nous continuerons les protocoles de nettoyage et de désinfection quotidiens.
  6. Nous n'aurons plus besoin des formulaires de dépistage quotidien, mais nous attendons des parents et du personnel qu'ils surveillent leurs enfants et eux-mêmes pour détecter les symptômes de maladies infectieuses tous les jours grâce à un dépistage des symptômes à domicile. Si quelqu'un présente des symptômes, il ne devrait PAS venir à l'école. Si une personne présentant des symptômes vient à l'école, elle sera renvoyée chez elle.
  7. Nous continuerons de travailler avec la santé publique du comté de Monroe concernant toute épidémie possible sur le campus.

Je suis très heureux de partager que notre année scolaire prolongée a été un énorme succès avec 5 jours d'enseignement en personne. Vos efforts pour faire en sorte que nos élèves portent des masques et faire vacciner votre enfant fait une différence!

Merci pour votre patience continue pendant que nous attendons plus d'informations de l'état et du niveau local concernant certains plans spécifiques, mais je pense que les informations clés ci-dessus resteront les mêmes à l'avenir. Nous tous, en tant que communauté scolaire, sommes prêts à commencer la nouvelle année scolaire en même temps, prêts à nous adapter et à être flexibles.


Antony McLetchie

July 1, 2021
Rochester School for the Deaf continues to follow New York State Department of Health COVID-19 guidelines for Pre-K to 12th Grade schools.
All individuals 12 years of age and older that reside in New York State are eligible to receive the vaccine using this link. Individuals 12-17 years old must have a parent/legal guardian with them to consent in person. Only Pfizer has been approved for individuals 12-17 years old. Click here to view a calendar of available dates, times, & locations and schedule your appointment. Click here for a list of mass vaccination sites and community vaccine clinics in Monroe County.