October 29, 2015

RSD Honors Staff and Board of Directors Service

At the start of his first full school year Rochester School for the Deaf (RSD) Superintendent and CEO Antony McLetchie recognized several RSD teachers and support staff personnel for their years of service and dedication to the RSD community. Hearty congratulations to the following RSD staff members who celebrate well-deserved career milestones:

10 years of service:
Randy Dunham, Teaching Assistant
Scott Lipitz, Teacher
Carah Taylor, Teacher

15 years of service:
Shari Caruso-Walters, Teaching Assistant
Catherine Kipp, Teacher
Melissa Pancione, Teaching Assistant
Kevin Perrin, Teaching Assistant
Eileen Todesco, Secretary

25 years of service:
John Auclair, HVAC&R Mechanic
Mary Cook, Teacher & Athletic Director
Gene DiVincenzo, Teacher
Julie Presciutti, Administrative Assistant

30 years of service:
Tom Brodnicki, Environmental Specialist

35 years of service:
Laurie Way, Teacher

The 2015-2016 RSD school year welcomes the following new staff to RSD:
Cindy Dubrow, Evening Nurse
Laurette Evringham, Teaching Assistant
Jayme Kaplan, Teacher
Tanya Manktelow, Teaching Assistant
Antony McLetchie, Superintendent/CEO
Greg Rosa, Custodian/Groundskeeper
Isaiah Tyler, Secretary
Karen Windhorn, Teacher

Congratulations Lisa Bickham who earned her Teacher credentials. Previously she was a Teaching Assistant in the Elementary School Department.

On the occasion of their retirements all in the RSD community say Congratulations and Thank You so much to Teachers Angela Burrows and Margaret Cagle, in the Early Childhood Programs Department, for your long years of dedication and hard work on behalf of RSD students and their families. We miss both of you.

RSD Board of Directors
The RSD community of students and their families, school staff, alumni, friends and supporters express our heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Michael Doughty for his volunteer leadership as President of the Board from 2013 to 2015. Dr. Doughty will continue as a member of the Board and the Executive Committee.

Mr. Gary Meyer, former Vice President of the Board, will now be President of the Board through 2017. The other Board of Director Officers to serve from 2015 to 2017 include: Gary Behm, Vice President; Erwin Smith, Treasurer; and, Marybeth Frantz, Secretary.

Poorna Kushalnagar is leaving the Board of Directors after four years of volunteer service and dedication. The RSD community welcomes Gary Zwick as a new members of the Board of Directors.



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