November 12, 2015

To: RSD Community (Students and Parents, School Staff, Alumni, Friends and Supporters
From: Antony A. L.  McLetchie, RSD Superintendent and CEO
Topic: RSD Superintendent Vlog 12 November 2015 with Video Script

It’s November already! Where has September and October gone since my last Vlog? I would like to provide an update of what’s been happening recently at RSD as part of my commitment to communicate regularly to the community.

First, we have had several important visitors to RSD recently. As we announced on our school’s Facebook, NYS Senators Robert Ortt and Rich Funke visited our school. Before they toured our facilities we had a discussion on the history of RSD, the challenges we face and opportunities we have. Then we visited several RSD classrooms. Most recently Brian Kolb NYS Assemblymember came to RSD. He represents Ontario County and the Canandaigua region of New York. We also had a discussion about RSD and a walk through our school and classrooms. In one Kindergarten class students read a story to Mr. Kolb which was a really nice experience for him. I want to recognize those three New York legislators who dedicated their time to visit RSD and for showing a commitment for the work that we do here. I think that’s so important.

September 24 was RSD Parents Night. Many parents attended and I enjoyed meeting all of them. Again, parents can and always should be in contact and work with their child’s teachers in order to support their child’s education. That’s your right as parents. Not just that one night but always.

Then, September 25-26 RSD held its Homecoming Weekend. What a great weekend it was. Not only because our teams won their tournaments but for the spirit we have and the traditions we continued for the school as a community and through the games and matches with other schools that weekend. It was all great. I want to thank St. Mary’s School for the Deaf in Buffalo, NY, and Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in Pittsburgh, PA, for their time in coming to RSD for our Homecoming weekend.

In October we hosted the big Adventures in Education program which we host annually. For two days, October 21-22, our special guest James Waters, a former Navy SEAL commander who also worked in the White House as a staff member, meet with our students and all in the RSD community to talk about his life in the military. While I recognize that information sharing is very important, leading up to Adventures in Education this year, RSD students had a wonderful opportunity to video chat with Keith Nolan, a Deaf teacher at Maryland School for the Deaf. Keith has direct experience with ROTC, officer training school while he attended California State University at Northridge. RSD students and Keith had a wonderful first language dialogue about his quest to enlist in the military and serve his country. I want to thank Keith for his time sharing his experiences with our students who benefited greatly from that valuable information and interaction before the Adventures in Education program this year.

That was a very busy week here. At the same time, the RSD Parent-Staff Association held another monthly meeting. All involved in PSA, school parents and staff continue to share a good dialogue and discussions for different ideas on how we can improve the school.

Sports at RSD also make for a very busy time of the year. Our soccer teams: Middle School team participated in matches against several Rochester area hearing schools and for the first time traveled to St. Mary’s School for the Deaf for a first-ever match against another Deaf middle school team. It’s wonderful for St. Mary’s to host and invite RSD to their all day tournament. Our High School team had another busy year playing against Rochester area hearing schools in our conference, the Western NY Christian Athletic Association. RSD played well all the way to the league championship game but lost 3-2. It was a close, hard fought championship game played under the lights in the rain, cold and mud. But, our boys played hard and represented RSD very well. Great job boys! Our boys went to the ESDAA Division Two Boys Soccer Championship at New Jersey School for the Deaf. They won the ESDAA championship and I want to recognize NJ School as a wonderful host for that tournament weekend.

RSD Girls Volleyball also had a very busy season this year. Our girls traveled to Kentucky School for the Deaf for the Division Two Spike-Out Tournament and we won that tournament. I recognize KY School for hosting that great weekend tournament. Then our girls flew to California School for the Deaf in Fremont for the Division One Spike-Out tournament. RSD was invited to participate. Our girls had a good experience playing volleyball against larger schools and we were able to play very well. CSD Fremont was a wonderful host school with great hospitality. Everything was well coordinated: the flights, dorm rooms, meals, the tournament. Thank you so much. Back home from California the girls traveled to Delaware School for the Deaf for the ESDAA Division Two Volleyball Championship and our girls won it this year. My heart goes out to Delaware School. They were a great tournament host as well. And, RSD faced Delaware in the final championship match. It was a close match, so my hats off to Delaware School for the Deaf.

Now starts basketball season. Be sure to look on the school web site for basketball game schedules. There will be several tournaments, including RSD hosting the ESDAA Girls Division Two Basketball Championship Tournament in February.

Now, I think it is important to show our relationship with the community. First, we thank Sorenson Communications for their recent $5000 donation to RSD to support various programs and projects that support our students’ learning and our students’ education. I want to recognize your important contribution. Thank you.

I also want to recognize Monroe County ingo – MCingo, who hosted an event here at RSD last Saturday night (November 7). Eighty-five people attended. The money raised goes to support our students studying in other countries. Next spring a group of our students will travel to Italy in 2016. We thank the MCingo Board of Directors and Ron Rood, Jr. for all of his hard work and planning for this event. Thank you. We will continue to work with you.

Have a great November and December. Busy times ahead. Thank you.



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