November 13, 2015

To: RSD Community (Students and Parents, School Staff, Alumni, Friends and Supporters
From: Antony A. L.  McLetchie, RSD Superintendent and CEO
Topic: RSD Superintendent Vlog 13 November 2015 with Video Script

Hello again everyone. I want to grab this opportunity to briefly update you on what has been happening regarding my entry plan and RSD’s 140th anniversary next year.

Entry Plan: The process of information gathering by way of some 120 interviews is completed; staff, parents, community people, former staff, and thank you to those people who were willing to sit down with me to discuss your experiences with RSD, and your vision for the future of RSD. We had two open forum focus groups for RSD parents, two community member focus groups, and focus groups for RSD Middle School, High School and Residential Program students. A lot of information was collected. Thank you one and all for your participation. The next part of the process is document review. That includes budget and accounting documents, financial reports, school policies review, student’s IEPs, report cards, staff meeting agendas and minutes; any information that shows internal RSD operations will be reviewed by me. When that’s done I will conduct a program analysis, and I’m really excited and looking forward to part of the process. I will continue to share information with you about what is happening so that you know our broader vision and plan. We will continue to have more meetings with different and stakeholders. So, thanks again.

I’m really excited that the 140th anniversary of RSD is next year, and, it will happen during the October 21, 2016, weekend. Please mark down that weekend right now on your calendar and in your mobile device to reserve yourself for that wonderful weekend to come.

RSD and the RSD Alumni Association (RSDAA) will work and host the anniversary weekend together. I’m really looking forward to that. The 140th Anniversary Chairperson for RSD is Eileen Todesco; the 140th Anniversary Chairperson for RSDAA is Roni DeWindt. Both will be responsible to lead this event with my support and with the support of RSDAA President LeeAnne Valentine. She last month on Oct. 28 did Vlog to the RSDAA asking for volunteers to help with anniversary planning as several openings for volunteers are available. So RSD alumni I’m asking you to please be actively involved. The 140th anniversary only happens once and this is a way to make that weekend great for all alumni and everyone else who will be involved. If you have any questions, contact either of the two chairpersons. I am truly excited about the 140th anniversary.

As you know we have been looking for a science teacher – a middle school and high school science teacher. If you know of any have them contact me directly. A good science teacher is important as STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in schools is growing and our students deserve the best science teacher. If you know anyone for that position at RSD please contact me.

Last, I want you to know that I am now on Twitter. You can follow me, Antony McLetchie @RSDSupt. Hope you can follow me as I share news and information related to education.

Thank you.



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