Early Childhood Programs at Rochester School for the Deaf (RSD) provide students with full and ongoing access to both American Sign Language (ASL) and English in a language rich environment, promoting both incidental and planned learning.
Students are provided with opportunities to acquire language based on their individual needs, recognizing the value of both ASL and English.

Our goal is for all children and their parents to learn, use and understand ASL since early exposure to accessible language is key to their overall development.

We recognize and value:

  • The most important learning environment for children is the one created at home
  • Parent involvement which is a vital component of our early childhood programs
  • Collaboration with Early Intervention (EI), teachers, specialists, and families
  • Opportunities for our families to network with other families and the learning community of teachers and support staff
  • Bilingual/Bimodal education - Bilingual, ASL and English (Written and/or spoken English) educational programming
  • Individual communication and other development needs of young children

Our Early Childhood Programs offer:

  • The F.I.R.S.T. (Family Instructional Resource Service Team) Program, a home-based program for infants, toddlers and twos from birth to 18 months of age and a center-based program for children from 18 months to 3 years of age at our Early Childhood Center (ECC)
  • A full-day Preschool Program for children ages 3 and 4
  • An Extended School Year (ESY) Summer Program, during July and August, designed to support the ongoing educational and social development needs of young children
  • All students work with certified Teachers of the Deaf and licensed Speech Language Pathologists

All Early Childhood Program services are free-of-charge to those families whose children fall within the guidelines to attend RSD and who reside in the 23-county area surrounding Rochester, New York.

For assistance in applying to RSD, to arrange for a campus tour, or for general intake referral information, call 585-336-5854; 585-286-2806 (VP) or e-mail: Info@RSDeaf.org.




Early Childhood Programs

ASL Storytime Videos

The most recently posted videos are listed first. All videos are presented in American Sign Language, are silent, and contain no English subtitles. Enjoy the videos linked here or go to the ECC ASL Storytime Videos playlist on RSD YouTube to watch them all.
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