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Adventures in Education 2022
Deaf Mountaineers & Explorers
Scott Lehmann & Shayna Unger
Climbing Over Obstacles:
The First All-Deaf Team to Summit Denali

Climbing Over Obstacles: The First All-Deaf Team to Summit Denali

Spend the evening with Scott Lehmann and Shayna Unger as they recount their experience of becoming the first all-Deaf team to reach the summit of North America’s tallest mountain, Denali, at 20,310 feet, and the obstacles they had to climb over as Deaf mountaineers.

About Scott & Shayna

Face shots of man in black parka and woman in red parka with snow behind
Scott and Shayna, both born profoundly deaf, have climbed some of the world’s highest mountains.  Rather than letting their disability define them, they created their own expeditions ranging from backcountry hiking, sea kayaking, bike packing, and climbing mountains. Scott and Shayna picked up skills mostly by watching YouTube videos and asking others through paper and pen because of the lack of accessibility in outdoor education. This has ignited their passion for making the outdoors more accessible to Deaf and hard-of-hearing youth, as well as others in marginalized communities.
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Photos courtesy of Chad Unger