Tours & Visits


Welcome to RSD!  We would love to have you visit our school.  The best way to see if RSD is a good fit for your student is to spend some time with us!
Potential students, their families, and/or school district personnel wishing to visit because they are considering enrolling a student at RSD should contact Lisa Glasser, Director of Services for Children, to schedule a visit.  She can be reached at 585-336-5854, via videophone at 585-286-2806, or by e-mail at [email protected].

Museum and Archives

The Carolyn White Siegfried and DeFois Hathaway Siegfried Archive Center maintains records and artifacts from RSD's long and proud history.  Requests for archival information and/or to visit the museum and archives should be directed to [email protected]

Other Guided Visits

Other types of visits are by advance appointment only and only as educational programming and staffing permits. Preference will be given to requests with business/educational purposes.
We ask that you do not drop into campus without an appointment and inquire to see if a visit is possible well in advance. To request an appointment, call: 585-544-1240; Videophone: 585-286-2808; e-mail: [email protected] and let us know the purpose of your requested visit.

Games and Events

Home and visiting team family members and the public at large are welcome to attend RSD home athletic games and programs unless otherwise stated by the RSD Athletic Director. RSD campus security personnel and signage direct visitors to parking areas and building entrances, including handicap-accessible entrances.
Registered guests for RSD fundraising events and programs, or visitors attending special presentations or meetings open to the public at RSD, are guided by RSD campus security personnel and signage to appropriate parking areas and building entrances, including handicap accessible entrances.
We respectfully request that you do not explore other areas of the school when on campus for an event.