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Parent Staff Association

RSD parents/guardians have many opportunities to become involved in their child’s education. One of the best opportunities for parents/guardians to participate, gain valuable knowledge, and meet directly with other parents and staff, is to join the Rochester School for the Deaf Parent-Staff Association (RSD PSA). The RSD PSA can be found mingling with the crowd at the many school events and activities. PSA Executive Board members endeavor to join with families of RSD students to help parents navigate through the choices they have to support their child’s development. Most importantly, the PSA gives parents a chance to meet with each other about issues they face and decisions they make on behalf of their children. 


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Family Classes in ASL

RSD is proud to support families as you learn ASL, as an important part of your child's growth and development. We strive to support your family to have meaningful and open communication with your Deaf or hard-of-hearing child, so they can blossom linguistically, socially, and emotionally by having an accessible visual language at home, family events, and in interactions in the Deaf community. We offer three 10-week course sessions per year in fall, winter, and spring.