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The Rochester School for the Deaf Alumni Association (RSDAA) sponsors many events for former students to reconnect with their past. The Association also supports current RSD students who will become alumni when they graduate.
RSDAA Board of Directors 2019-2021: (Left to right): Chris Playford (1971); Dwayne Sickler (1999); Kristen Hawley-Sickler, Secretary (2001); Donna Nelligan-Barrett (1974); Beverly Connor (1981); Patti Canne, President (1980); Diane Francisco (1966); Eileen Todesco, Vice President (1985); and, Roni DeWindt, Treasurer (1983). Absent: Kristina Hoff (1976) and Arlie Davis (1980).
RSD Alumni Association 2019-2021 Board group picture