After School Programs

All students can participate in a diverse set of extracurricular programs and activities designed to build interpersonal and social skills, enhance the educational experience, improve communication skills, and cultivate friendships. 

students in their orange and blue shirt playing basketball

The after-school programs and activities include:

  • Junior National Association of the Deaf (Jr.NAD)
  • Academic Bowl Team
  • Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts
  • Arts and Craft Club
  • Yearbook Club
  • Chess Club Team
  • Outdoor Education:
    • Weekend outdoor adventures and camping
    • Outward Bound in the summer
  • High School Prom
  • Bike club
  • Campus Weekend
  • Homecoming Weekend
  • Leadership weekend (to prepare for the campus weekend)
  • Junior and Senior Class Councils
  • Swim Club
  • Drama Club
  • Snowsports Club
  • Movie Night