After School Programs

All students can participate in a diverse set of extracurricular programs and activities designed to build interpersonal and social skills, enhance the educational experience, improve communication skills, and cultivate friendships. 

The after-school programs and activities include:

  • Junior National Association of the Deaf (Jr.NAD)
  • Academic Bowl Team
  • Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts
  • Arts and Craft Club
  • Yearbook Club
  • Chess Club Team
  • Outdoor Education:
    • Weekend outdoor adventures and camping
    • Outward Bound in the summer
  • High School Prom
  • Bike club
  • Campus Weekend
  • Homecoming Weekend
  • Leadership weekend (to prepare for the campus weekend)
  • Junior and Senior Class Councils
  • Swim Club
  • Drama Club
  • Snowsports Club
  • Movie Night
Director of RSD Student Life Programs