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Parent Staff Association

President: Michael (Mike) Kane
Vice-PresidentAmy Williams
Treasurer: Marguerite (Marge) Carrillo
Secretary: Marina Barnum


RSD parents have many opportunities to become involved in their child’s education. One of the best opportunities for parents to participate, gain valuable knowledge and meet directly with other parents and staff, is to join the Rochester School for the Deaf Parent-Staff Association ( RSD PSA) at the many school events and activities. RSD PSA Executive Board members endeavor join with families of RSD students to help parents navigate through the choices they have to support their child’s development. Most importantly, the PSA gives parents a chance to meet with each other about issues they face and decisions they make on behalf of their children.

To learn more about the many opportunities to become involved at RSD, send e-mail to RSD PSA

Vision Statement

We, the Rochester School for the Deaf Parent-Staff Association (RSD PSA), will work towards building and strengthening our community, to better prepare our students and their families, and to facilitate learning in life’s many opportunities.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing our family members with an open forum to communicate their experiences within our community. The RSD PSA officers will act as ambassadors between our families and education professionals to help ensure enriching educational experiences. We will also provide social, educational, and community building events designed to utilize and expand on our local resources. Through these programs, RSD PSA will continue to enhance the learning that students achieve naturally through daily interactions with peers and other community members. The officers of the RSD PSA are committed to our students and families by offering them assistance to participate in learning programs that are found to be motivational and personally enticing. On behalf of our community, RSD PSA will advocate for advances in and the evolution of our educational practices. These efforts ensure that our school community will continue to be fostered, make consistent progress toward superior education, and expand on our wealth of support in the greater Rochester are.