ASL Classes for the Community

Welcome!  Rochester School for the Deaf is pleased to offer American Sign Language (ASL) classes to the community. 
Are you interested in learning ASL?  Whether you are a beginner or want to advance your proficiency in ASL, we'd love to see you in one of our classes!
Rochester has one of the largest Deaf communities in the nation, and learning ASL helps us all participate more fully in all aspects of civic life and allows us to be a good neighbor and create a welcoming community.  Many individuals choose to take classes with us to help them communicate with friends, clients, patients, family and coworkers.
We offer three 10-week course sessions per year in fall, winter, and spring.



Winter session classes begin in January 2023, and we expect that the class schedule and online registration will be available in mid to late December.

Community Classes follow the curriculum outlined in Signs of the Times by Edgar H. ShroyerSigns of the Times uses pictures to demonstrate the signs. Using the spiral approach, signs are repeated and build on previously introduced signs and then integrated into sentences. Each lesson also looks at Deaf culture.
Class Fee: $115, payable at registration
Book Fee: $40 with registration (pickup at RSD required) or you may order it on Amazon.


Books may be picked up on campus. The location and date for pickup are in the registration section. The book must be paid for in advance with registration.
Rochester School for the Deaf is located at 1545 St. Paul Street, Rochester, NY.
Please bring or have available a pen/pencil, pocket folder, writing pad, and the textbook.
No refunds are issued after the first class. Up until the second class, the enrollment fee may be credited and applied to a future SFA class within the year. No credits or refunds will be issued after the second class. 
Yes. All classes are contingent upon sufficient enrollment.  These classes are provided as a service to families and the community.