Sign Language Proficiency Interview

We coordinate Sign Language Proficiency Interviews (SLPI) to assess how well people are able to use sign language for communication, and, as appropriate, to use this information to assist people in development of their sign language communication skills.


The SLPI involves a one-to-one conversation in sign language between an interviewer and candidate/ interviewee. Interview content varies according to the background, job responsibilities, schooling, and other interests of each SLPI candidate/interviewee. SLPI interviews are recorded and subsequently rated independently by SLPI raters. The basis for ratings is the SLPI Rating Scale, a standard scale based on the sign language communication skills of highly skilled, knowledgeable native/native-like signers.
The coordinator will connect you with the interviewer to set up an interview date.


The cost of an SLPI interview coordinated and conducted through RSD is $150. A follow-up interview is $60.
  • ASL/English Interpreters
  • BOCES teachers and staff
  • Vocational/rehabilitation services staff
  • NYS Civil Services staff who require sign language skills
  • Personnel in teaching programs for deaf and hard of hearing students
  • Medical, health and counseling personnel
  • Employees at companies and organizations who are required to use ASL in the course of their work
  • Parents, family members and friends learning ASL