Middle School

RSD Middle School: Sixth through Eighth Grades

Middle School student work on her paper with an adult. In kindergarten through 12th grades, standards-based instruction at RSD includes:

• English Language Arts (ELA)
• American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf Studies
• Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
• Social Studies
• Physical Education and Health
• Art and Music

RSD Middle School includes 6-8th grades where a sense of being part of a community is encouraged and instilled.

Middle School consists of 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students. As students transition to their secondary education, they are assigned lockers and move to different classrooms to receive instruction. Middle School students continue to learn American Sign Language and receive differentiated instruction. The students participate in Jumpstart every afternoon where they can explore independent projects or receive targeted support to further enhance academic progress. STEM programming is also provided to Middle School students as they experience instruction in 3D printing, simple robotics, and Lego constructions. During Middle School, RSD students are encouraged to sample technology-based career possibilities, be introduced to Deaf history and role models, and to learn to sew and cook as part of their preparation for their futures as independent citizens who are ready for the 21st century. Many Middle School students participate in school sports teams for the first time and can receive targeted coaching as they develop coordination, athletic and sportsmanship skills.

For assistance in applying to RSD, to arrange for a campus tour, or for general intake referral information, call 585-336-5854; 585-286-2806 (VP) or e-mail: [email protected].

About RSD

Rochester School for the Deaf is an inclusive, bilingual school where deaf and hard of hearing children and their families thrive in an extraordinarily rich Regents-level educational environment.

Since 1876, RSD—one of America’s premier private and tuition-free schools, has been successfully building futures for our students and their families.
Middle school students work on their hand on projects with few adults explain how to do.

Hallmarks of an RSD education include:

  • New York State Regents-level educational programs;
  • Direct communication through American Sign Language and English;
  • Highly skilled teaching and support staff professionals;
  • Inclusive, barrier-free approach to teaching and learning activities; and
  • Support to students and their families through a wide array of accessible services.
RSD strives to go above and beyond all expectations to provide deaf and hard of hearing children and their families with a level of quality educational programs, support services, and resources to effectively ensure a satisfying and successful kindergarten through 12th-grade school experience.