Speech & Language Services

Speech and Audiology Programs

Students of all ages at RSD receive the benefit of Speech instruction from very highly trained speech therapists via individual and small group sessions. The program is designed to meet the individual needs of each child as this enables them to reach their full potential in communication, the basis of human interaction. Students are seen two to four forty-minute sessions per week, with some additional programming possible. Areas of instruction include:
  • Precursory Skills (attending, ability to follow the teacher's lead, etc.)
  • Listening/Audition
  • Oral Motor Skills (jaw stability, tongue and lip mobility, etc.)
  • Voice Skills (use of voice, voice quality, vocal expression, etc.)
  • Speech Skills (vowel and consonant use)
  • Speech Reading
  • Receptive and Expressive Language (vocabulary, multiple meaning words, questioning, following directions, English grammar and syntax)
  • Language Pragmatics and Conversational Competence
  • Reinforcement of classroom vocabulary and concepts
  • Cognitive Organization
  • Figurative Language (similes, metaphors, idioms, etc.)
  • General World Knowledge
  • Public Speaking
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Communication through the written mode
RSD Speech therapists frequently enhance instruction with technology. The Multi-Sensory Sound Lab is an exciting and stimulating room-sized array of instrumentation that enables deaf students to experience sound through visual and tactile, as well as auditory, channels. It brings sound to life, making it concrete, real, and highly enjoyable. Other technologies such as videophones, uniphones with voice carryover, and TTYs are also employed to explore different kinds of communication opportunities. Computer-enhanced learning technologies including Vis-A-Pitch and Earobics I & II are also integrated into the instruction.

RSD's Speech Team and Audiology work together so appropriate amplification can be provided to students, giving them the best opportunity to develop their speech/communication skills and to be aware and safe in their environment. Interaction with parents and family is vital to ensure parents understand the important role they play in the development of their children.

RSD audiologists regularly monitor student's hearing aids and other devices, such as FM equipment, to make sure they are in good working order and that the performance of the device is maximized. In addition, RSD has the capability of dispensing hearing aids to students. Our experts can troubleshoot and make adjustments to:
  • Cochlear implants
  • High-tech digital hearing devices
  • Analog hearing aids
and can perform minor repairs on all hearing aids right on campus.
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Director of Services for Children and Speech Programs
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